Holbrook Massage

Release your stress and tension with a muscle-melting massage. Massages are a wonderful way to rejuvenate and indulge to achieve a sense of balance, self-awareness, and total mind and body wellbeing. Our massages are not only excellent for relaxation, but also are an excellent way to draw out impurities from the body and sooth and care for the body internally. Our masseuses are experienced in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Lymphatic massage.  We also offer Reflexology and Active Stretch. Our trained massage therapists will leave you feeling revitalized & refreshed after every visit!

Holbrook Facials

Experience the amazing results of using our Dermalogica products to look and feel your best. Facials detoxify and reduce the signs of age and stress on the skin caused by pollutants and contaminants outside, providing a natural moisture and a healthy glow.

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