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5 Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy at Holbrook

Whether you are looking for guidance regarding a workout plan or need assistance after an injury, our WellFIT Certified Personal Trainers are here to keep you moving forward!

Our offerings are created to fit our client's needs. We have personal training and hydrotherapy sessions available for our customers. Today, we want to explain in depth what hydrotherapy is, who should give it a try, and what the benefits of this practice are.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy, also known as aquatic therapy, is the practice of exercises in the water to strengthen the muscles, recover from injury, or treat health conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson's disease, herniated disks, and many more. Our WellFIT staff is ready to help in any of these cases! We have certified professionals prepared to keep you on the right track to staying healthy and strong. 

Physical therapy is a crucial part of recovery and rehabilitation for many clients. It facilitates healing from accidents and surgeries and encourages general health and wellness. Hydrotherapy is one of the best types of physical therapy because it significantly reduces the chances of re-injury, allowing customers to "ease" into their recovery. 

Clients can benefit from being consistent when using hydrotherapy pools like HydroWorx, because of the wide variety of exercises they can perform while submerged in the water. The pool has a moveable floor, underwater treadmill, resistance jet technology, and computer camera systems to show performance and progress.

5 Health benefits of hydrotherapy at The Spa at Holbrook 2

Today, we'll dive into 5 health benefits of hydrotherapy rehabilitation services:

1. Pain and swelling relief:

Hydrotherapy helps to reduce pain and swelling by using the buoyancy and resistance of water to support and exercise joints and muscles. The HydroWorx pool is equipped with advanced features such as adjustable water temperature and jet propulsion to maximize the therapeutic benefits of aquatic therapy.

Our heated hydrotherapy pool can help to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. Warm water also relaxes muscles and relieves tension, leading to pain reduction. This is especially beneficial for those who have recently undergone surgery, experience chronic pain, or are recovering from an injury.

2. Extended range of motion:

Hydrotherapy can also increase the range of motion by providing a user-friendly place for individuals to exercise and stretch. When clients do physical therapy in a pool, it helps increase joint mobility, enhancing overall condition without the impact caused by other land-based exercises.

The water resistance also helps to improve coordination and balance. This is especially beneficial for older adults and those recovering from stroke or other neurological conditions. The warm water in the hydrotherapy pool also helps to relax the muscles and increases flexibility, improving mobility.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy at Holbrook

3. Improving cardiovascular fitness:

Some customers find performing aerobic exercises on land painful or uncomfortable. Hydrotherapy is ideal for them because the water buoyancy reduces effective body weight by 80% when the body is submerged to the chest. Therefore, clients feel "lighter" when in the water and can move freely, allowing them to perform exercises at greater intensities than on land.

The Spa at Holbrook's HydroWorx pool has a built-in treadmill that allows clients to perform aerobic exercises such as walking and running while in the water. Practicing these activities improves cardiovascular health and increases endurance.

4. Faster rehabilitation:

Hydrotherapy rehabilitation provides a safe and controlled physical therapy environment to help individuals recover faster from injuries and surgeries.

Performing aquatic therapy exercises has multiple advantages for clients. This practice allows clients to reduce expected recovery time, and it is also more gentle than traditional therapy since it makes it easier for customers to perform the movements in the water, which allows them to return to their previous lifestyle faster.

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5. Chronic Pain Relief:

Usually, we think that pain will go away on its own when we don't feel well. But when that's not the case, and the condition worsens gradually, we talk about chronic pain.

Sometimes clients only realize how much the condition has changed once their lifestyle is affected. Some chronic conditions we have seen in customers daily include back and neck pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney disease, fibromyalgia, and many others.

The use of a hydrotherapy treadmill is excellent for reducing chronic pain. Regarding the lower extremities, customers can improve their ability to walk. For pain along the upper body, the water-soothing effect alleviates pain in the muscles and nerves of the afflicted area.

We also recommend aquatic therapy to athletes and people involved in accidents. Recovery time depends on overall physical health, the age of the client, and the cause of the injury. If the damage isn't very extensive, the pain and discomfort will likely go away once the affected area heals.

For example, a fractured arm can heal in a few weeks to months. Customers can still use the hydrotherapy treadmill, in this case, to keep the lower body strong and active. Once the arm heals, the coach can implement new exercises to incorporate the use of the arm in future sessions.

Injuries are common in athletes and people who are starting to work out. An injury can result from overstretching a muscle, incorrect posture when exercising, or a blunt impact with another player. Sometimes not stretching properly before a workout or a simple fall can prevent an individual from going back to their regular lifestyle for a few months.

The hydrotherapy heated pool is a fantastic solution for these types of cases. Our WellFIT certified coaches can adjust the water pressure to reduce muscle pain caused by the injury.

When our clients try our hydrotherapy services at The Spa in Holbrook in Cherokee County, it becomes easier for them to stick to the treatment schedule. Because our clients no longer have to travel to the hospital for physical therapy sessions, making consistency easier.

We strongly recommend anyone undergoing hydrotherapy to consult a physical therapist to determine how often they should do the sessions. With the help of the HydroWorx pool at The Spa at Holbrook, and under the guidance of our professional team, individuals can experience significant health benefits and faster rehabilitation. If you're looking to improve your health and fitness, consider hydrotherapy

at The Spa at Holbrook.

If you want to learn more about out hydrotherapy services and how it can help you, please contact wellfitwoodstock@holbrooklife.com or call 678-498-2095.